I-66 in Virginia set for upgrades

If you are used to sitting in traffic on I-66, there is a little relief on the way.

The governor's office announced plans to move forward to make Virginia's I-66 a "smarter highway".

Currently, drivers say they literally have to plan their lives around the road's congestion. But a number of high-tech changes are coming.{ }

Perhaps the biggest deal will be new lane-specific electronic signs, which will tell you well in advance if there's an accident ahead, what lane will be closed and into what lanes you need to merge.

The lanes are already in use in Seattle.

The lights that flash red or green at some exit ramps to let drivers onto I-66 will also be improved.

And there will be better warning signs.

Sean Wolford of Chantilly said, "You'll run into a stop of traffic and you have no idea it's coming, and you get stuck there for a half an hour. If you're kind of warned ahead of time that traffic is stopping, and you can get off and take a back road to get around, that's a great idea."

VDOT says that's one of the main points of the upgrades - to get you information about trouble ahead well before you run into it.

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