I-495 Construction Relief Project to ease traffic congestion

By this time next year work will be underway on relieving traffic on part of the Beltway. VDOT will begin a $20 million project to rebuild the left shoulder of northbound I-495 near McLean to open it to traffic.

Drivers describe the traffic on I-495 as “stressful” and “congested” and say it seems to be getting worse.

Todd Lady drives from Alexandria to Bethesda every day for work.

“It could be 45 minutes to an hour,” he says.

But the I-495 Congestion Relief Project in Fairfax County will convert the northbound shoulder into a travel lane from Old Dominion Drive to the George Washington Parkway during afternoon peak travel times.

“Peak travel times are ridiculous and I avoid coming to Virginia anytime from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.,” says Jon Feingersh.

The project will rebuild the left shoulder of I-495. Another safety shoulder will be on the right side as well.

“I think that will be a great idea,” says Marilyn Llamas. “I think it will make traffic flow faster and not sitting in traffic so long.”

Construction on the new lane for northbound I-495 will begin next year. The new lane should be open to traffic by late 2014.