Hyattsville residents trapped in their homes during road construction


People living on Old Landover Road have been trapped in their homes for a week as sidewalk construction blocks their driveways. They tell 7 On Your Side they received no notice, and no temporary way to get to access to their own homes as promised by Prince George’s County.

The notice below is what a Prince George's Co. warning letter for road work looks like.

“I still feel like I'm in prison in my house all weekend. It seems like its false imprisonment because I can't go anywhere unless I walk. I can’t move my car, I can’t do anything,” said Deane Loines.

“They're putting in sidewalks and curbs. I welcome both of them. But I don't welcome not being notified,” added Loines.

Loines and his family have had to pay for a combination of Metro and Uber to head to work.

7 On Your Side contacted Prince George’s County Public Works Department. They contracted road crews to place sidewalks along Old Landover Road.

“We truly apologize,” said Paulette Jones with Public Works. “The contractor should have placed some temporary access for residents to get to their homes.” Jones added such access may include gravel or steel plates.

“I walk up and down the street and knock on doors and trying to talk to people and we do the best we can,” said Jeff Johnson, President of the Greater Landover Civic Association.

“We've been fighting for these roads for about 15 years now, trying to get streets in here for the safety of my residents. A lot of people were getting hit on the side of the road,” added Johnson.

If road crews come to your house, contractors tell 7 On Your Side you must tell them in person that you need to have continued access to your driveway. If you do not tell them, road crews will not automatically lay gravel or steel plating to allow access. They cite the cost and time needed that prevents them with providing access to all affected residents driveways.

Road crews were seen laying concrete on the Loines family driveway Monday afternoon.

“I appreciate you guys coming out. I really do,” Loines told 7 On Your Side. “You guys helped me. Because I think this actually motivated them to get this done.”

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