Hyattsville Police seek two suspects in robbery

HYATTSVILLE, Md. (WJLA) -- Hyattsville Police are searching for at least two suspects they believe were involved in robbing a woman who was carrying money given to a local church.

The robbery happened Monday afternoon at a Capital One Bank off East West Highway in Hyattsville.

Divina Roman says she was trying to deposit around $6000 that had been given by members of St. James Church in Mt. Rainier. But while she was outside the bank, Roman says a man pushed her from behind and grabbed a bag the money was in.

She says the man then ran to what appeared to be a getaway car. She says another man was sitting in the driver's seat, and he sped away as soon as the first man jumped into the passenger seat.

The suspect who allegedly took the money bag from Roman was captured by one of the bank's cameras.

"[The] feeling was very hard for me," Roman told ABC7. "Because it was not my money, it was the church's money."

Hyattsville Police are asking anyone who recognizes the suspect or who can offer any information about the robbery to give them a call.