Hyattsville officer is no-show in court, careless driver found not guilty

(WJLA) - It was a bizarre scene on September 26. The Northwestern High School Jr. ROTC was marching in the school parking lot, when a Honda Accord ran into them, hitting eight students and sending them all to area hospitals.

The 19-year-ol driver, Dimas Moran-Jovel, only had a learner’s permit and was not driving with an adult. He stayed on the scene after the accident.

"Hyattsville police chief Doug Holland--he was driving in the direction of a very bright sun glare."

A Hyattsville Police officer wrote Moran-Jovel 13 traffic citations, including: Negligent driving in a careless and imprudent manner, failure to control vehicle speed to avoid a collision, driving without proper supervision and driving with an unauthorized person in the front seat.

The ABC7 News I-Team has learned that the officer never came to court, and the judge consequently found Moran-Jovel not guilty.

The officer was working on this police-involved shooting, and a Hyattsville spokesperson says it is unknown whether she or anyone from the department notified the court so that the case could be postponed.

Now an internal investigation seeks to find out where the breakdown was, and how it can be prevented in the future.

But one parent who spoke to ABC7 off-camera says that is little comfort, as her child continues to suffer the effects of a concussion, neck and back pain, and months of physical therapy.