Hyattsville attempted armed robbery leaves two suspects on the loose

The engaged couple was just returning home. The male victim made it to the front walk, while his fiancée was just getting out of their car. Then, the gunmen appeared.

She says everything happened in a flash. The two robbers demanded money and then they demanded to enter the couple’s home. The female victim says she began to scream, and that’s when the male victim decided he had to turn the tables on the robbers. At their request, we did not show the victims’ faces as they told their story.

As suddenly as the attack began, the male victim had the robber’s gun in his hands. When the second attacker moved in, the man fired the gun. Nobody was hit, but the robbers did run off. The female victim calls her fiancé a hero.

Police found the gun right in the couple’s front yard, but after hours of searching they still could not locate the suspect.