Husband of Md. day care owner accused of abusing two young girls

The husband of the owner of a Montgomery Village home day care is in jail after being accused of sexually abusing two young girls.

David Fernando Javier Zaraysi, 66, is charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor, two counts of committing a second degree sex offense, and two counts of committing a third degree sex offense.

Zaraysi's wife is listed on state records as the owner of Playing and Learning Family Child Care.

She runs it out of the basement of a home on Bonnett Circle. She and her husband both lived there until he was taken to jail in March.

Zaraysi was arrested on March 14 and police say he has been in jail ever since on $500,000 bond.

Zaraysi is accused of sexually abusing a seven year old girl and a three year old girl. Police say the two girls told their mother what allegedly happened, and then she called police, who arrested Zaraysi the next day.

Since Zaraysi's arrest the day care has remained open. ABC7 talked to several parents who are still taking their children there and don't believe the charges.

"I do believe he is innocent, yes I do," one parent told us.

"He only tried to clean up the baby, and that's it," parent Rocio La Cunza said. "He went to the bathroom, and he cleaned up the baby. There's nothing wrong, there's nothing bad."

When asked about the charges involving the older girl, La Cunza said she didn't know anything about those.

Zaraysi's wife told us she believes her husband is innocent. In Spanish she stressed that the matter was still being investigated.

"My husband was arrested," she said. "The attorney says nothing can be done right now."

While some parents defended Zaraysi, one ABC7 talked to said she was very concerned upon learning of the charges.

"It's shocking to me," the parent said while holding a young boy. "And it hurts hearing this stuff, knowing your child is in the house."