Hurricane Irene: BG&E reports 2,500+ still without power

Power outage numbers across the Washington region are dwindling, but still plague some customers.

As of 8 a.m. Saturday BG&E still had{ }2,538 customers without power.

BG&E expected most of the outages to be fixed by Friday, with the remaining extending into Saturday.

In Burtonsville, Gary Magnum isn't worried about inconveniences so much as potentially losing millions of dollars. He runs Bell nursery and its 50 acres of plants, which he supplies to Home Depot stores in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“We have $10 million of plants growing for the marketplace and we are in a very, very risky situation,” Magnum said.

The storm blew part of a tree onto power lines leading to the farm. Three back-up generators have been running since Sunday to cool the greenhouses and water the plants. Two of them are about to break.

“The frustration is not being able to get someone from BG&E out here to look at it,” Magnum said.

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