Huntington residents call for better flood protection

Cars were submerged in the latest flash flooding in Huntington. (Photo: Jay Korff/ WJLA)

While residents of Huntington are cleaning up the latest flood swept through their community, they’re also questioning why officials aren’t doing more to ensure the community is protected from future flooding. One reason, the area’s congressman says, is there simply isn’t enough money to build the required infrastructure.

"We are in the richest county in Virginia, and we are being viewed as disposable," complains Lance Smith, one of the homeowners.

Huntington has been drowned in two major floods over the past five years.

Eunice Johnson has lived here since 1948 is she's trying to salvage her water-logged belongings strewn across her back yard.

Congressman Jim Moran has been pushing for federal funding and a solution to this devastating problem. On Monday, he said there wasn’t enough money to rebuild and build a pumping station to avoid future flooding. He is again putting pressure on the Army Corps of Engineers.

Katie Bannister bought her home just after the last flood. A first-time homebuyer, she now says she wishes he had known about the dangers.

Families are forced outside for dinner, still without air conditioning, hot water and in some cases without power all together. Basements have been gutted and thousands of dollars swept away.

"It’s devastating to come back and all your stuff is gone,” said Ted Endiott, a displaced renter. “Why are they not doing anything about it?”