Huntington levee bond issue up for vote

The calm Tuesday in Huntington gives little indication of just how ugly things can get when the rain won’t stop.

Martha Arramayo saw flooding in 2006, 2011 and back in 2003.

“Nothing has been done,” Arramayo says. “Now all we have to fight for is this levee.”

The fight is for a $30 million stormwater bond to build that levee, which would have to be approved by Fairfax County residents on election day.

People in Huntington say it’s the only chance they have to ensure major flooding doesn’t play out again, with heavy rains overflowing the nearby creek, leading to flash flooding damaging homes and cars and threatening lives.

The 180 homes in Huntington near the Woodrow Wilson bridge sit unprotected from creek flooding and the Army Corps of Engineers has determined dredging won’t fix the problem.

"We looked at several alternatives and the levee with the pump station would provide the best solution," says Randy Bartlett, Fairfax County Public Works.

And while some voters in Fairfax County want to help the people of Huntington, others, like Rick Renninger, aren’t on board.

“If they’re gonna tax all of us for a bond issue then it should be spent for the betterment of the county as a whole,” Renninger says.

But even if the help doesn’t come, Arramayo won’t go.

“I’m proud of this neighborhood and I’m gonna fight for it,” Arramayo says.