Hunter Wood golfs 24 hours straight to battle cancer

Dark of night on the tee? Not a problem during Wood's 24 hours of golf. Photo: Bill Sien

After losing his best friend to cancer, a local golf pro spent the last 24 hours playing golf non-stop hoping to raise at least $8,000 for cancer research.

The golfer, Hunter Wood, played through extreme heat, thunderstorms and exhaustion.

Through the dead of night and the stifling heat of the afternoon sun, for 24-hours straight, the Haymarket golf pro tee’d off to raise money to battle cancer.

“There's so many people in our community that are affected by cancer, family, friends, I figure compared to what those people are going through walking this many hours is kinda no big deal,” he says.

He's honoring his best friend Steve who lost his own battle with cancer just a few years ago.

“I almost guarantee he'd come here for all 24 hours,” he says. “He'd walk the whole thing, just knowing how he was, he'd walk with me the whole time, he'd be the comic relief.”

And the neighbors, waiting at each hole and offering moral support, gathered to cheer him on. One neighbor, Helen Collins, says Wood’s effort means so much to her as a cancer survivor.

The eagles, the birdies or the bogeys don't matter. Not to the spectators. Not to Wood and likely not to the friend he is honoring.

“He'd be laughing right now, quit a bit, especially because I made par,” Wood says.