Hungry thief stops to eat snack during home burglary near police station

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WASHINGTON (WJLA) – While a Northwest D.C. couple was sleeping Tuesday night, a man broke into their V Street home, located on the same block as a police station. But the thief didn’t just steal from them; before getting away with cash, he enjoyed a mid-burglary snack.

Neighbors say the 1600 block of V Street, home of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District Station, is in a safe neighborhood. Crime of any sort in the area is startling. But on the night of July 8, a bold burglar broke into a home on the block.

“They would not think anyone would have the nerve to do this,” one resident said. “[It’s] scary to think that somebody would do that.”

Evidence suggests the thief in question may have been hungry while stealing from the couple; according to the police report, he consumed a package of almond wafers and some lemonade. The empty container of wafers was found in the trash basket, while the seal on a quart of lemonade had been broken and placed back in the refrigerator.

“This guy’s gotta be the boldest person I ever heard of,” a neighbor said. “If I was to catch him in my house, with a cup of lemonade or just being there, I think they would have to come and lock me up.”

The suspect escaped with $50 cash. It was later determined that he entered the V Street home through an unlocked door.

Police remind residents to always lock their doors—no matter how close they may live to a police station.