Hundreds seek jobs at DC's Wharf development

Hundreds seek jobs at DC's Wharf development (ABC7)

Cranes have dotted the D.C. skyline for months. And before the end of the year, the Wharf development along Washington's southwest waterfront will finally open. Businesses opening shop there are in the middle of a hiring spree.

More than one thousand job seekers were invited to a Ward 6 job fair at the Arena Stage, eager to work at the Wharf.

The event was organized by D.C. Council members Charles Allen and Elissa Silverman. Only D.C. residents were invited to participate.

“A lot of longtime residents have seen this city change but they haven't felt that the change has benefited them,” Silverman said.

A couple dozen employers attended in the job fair. They included retailers, restaurants, a security firm, a concert venue and spa. The Wharf Intercontinental hotel alone is hiring 150 workers.

Hotel general manager Simon Antoine said, “[We’re hiring] across all disciplines - front office, restaurants, housekeeping, engineering. So we're looking for a lot of people.”

Wharf developer Monty Hoffman said more than 80 percent of the Wharf has already been leased - with only a handful of commercial tenant space still available.

All of those businesses need workers.

“Having a resident that is nearby that can walk to work - they have an investment not only in their workplace, but in the streets and everywhere between - the whole community. So it really does many a difference,” Hoffman said.

Many job seekers walked away from the job fair with offers - or at least follow-up interviews. After six months seeking employment, Ebony Jackson's job hunt ended today.

“I actually had three offers,” she said with a smile.

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