Human trafficking at Saudi diplomatic compound investigated

Police say two possible sex trafficking victims were "rescued" from a home in the 6000 block of Orris Street in McLean around noon Tuesday. Photo: Tom Roussey/ABC7

Authorities say they are investigating allegations of sex trafficking after they removed two women from a Northern Virginia property owned by Saudi Arabia.

A police source tells ABC7 two women were rescued from the property Tuesday around noon. They are both from the Philippines and were allegedly being held against their will.

The women claimed their passports were held and that they were forced to work long hours without pay and were allegedly mistreated.

The validity of their claims and the subsequent question of whether it was a case of labor trafficking or sex trafficking is under investigation.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it called Fairfax Police to help get the women off the property, which is at 6024 Orris Street in McLean.

Fairfax County property records list the owner as "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Armed Forces Office." Diplomatic tags could be clearly seen on an SUV parked inside the gates.

Homeland Security agents said they wasted no time getting the women out after receiving a tip of alleged trafficking on Tuesday. The procedure is get potential victims out and then investigate .

The large home and its property sit on a cul-de-sac on a normally quiet McLean street.

"Things like this don't happen in McLean," said Leila Kirdassi, who lives nearby. "I'm just surprised and I feel so bad for those women if the story is true. It's awful."

At this point it does not appear any charges have been filed, but the investigation is still going on.

The embassy of Saudi Arabia declined to comment.