HUD cancels housing contract in Md.; families search for new homes

Some families in Glenarden, Maryland are concerned they may not have a place to live next month.

That's because they have to move out of their current Section 8 housing.

But finding a new home is proving to be very difficult.

Janel Teague is packing up her apartment with no idea of where she and her seven children will live come the new year.

"If I don't find anything, then I'm homeless and that means I'm out in the cold," she says.

Teague and more than 250 of her neighbors are being kicked out of the Glenarden Apartments.

This community has lost its Section 8 accreditation, leaving people like an unemployed single parent paying out hundreds of dollars of housing application fees.

And she's not certain she'll be able to provide holiday gifts for her family, including her two-year-old daughter.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development notified the owners of this community that it would end its Section 8 contract because it repeatedly failed inspections.

So now residents have just weeks to find new homes.

Dietra Williams has unsuccessfully been searching for another Section 8 apartment where she and her five sons can live.

Her kids are wondering if they will have any kind of Christmas this year.

"You're putting out all this money for application fees," Williams says. "And it's like I don't know if I'm gonna have to get a truck to pack up everything to move or do I buy my children something for Christmas?"