Howard University homecoming steps up security after YardFest incident

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Extra security officers were on hand for Saturday’s homecoming activities at Howard University. It came a day after nine people, including two Metropolitan Police officers, were hurt when people rushed the gates during the YardFest concert.

Georgia Avenue was packed on both sides, but the homecoming parade was not the only thing people were talking about on campus.

“They tried to bum rush the gate,” Yolanda Cofield said.

Crowds stormed the gates at YardFest Friday afternoon. People say it happened when hip hop artist 2 Chainz took the stage. Those outside got antsy and angry. Nine people were injured at the gates on 6th Street, including two officers who were trying to control the crowds.

“Them pushing over barricades just to see somebody, that’s crazy. It’s not that important,” Cofield says.

According to Cofield, something similar happened last year.

“Just no order. Basically that’s all I can say. It’s unorganized.”

But from her experience, the football game is much more orderly and quiet.

A spokesperson for Howard says a public safety plan was in place for the parade and football game. Metro Police, campus officers and extra contract officers were on hand.

“They need it because yesterday was a mess. It was really a disaster. I didn’t feel safe at all,” says Ndia Seldon.

But Saturday was different. The spirited Bison Blue was definitely on display on the crisp October day.

“This is my hometown. You know, Howard Homecoming has always been something good to be a part of and every time I come we have fun," Sonny Knox says.