How to find and date a D.C. VIP

Finding{ }the man, or woman, of your lavish dreams may not be a far-fetched dream.

“Regardless of where they are in their success we all have a human need and that is to find love and to find a relationship for the long term,” said{ }Christie Nightingale, who is a self-proclaimed VIP Matchmaker. Her company is Premier Match.

Nightingale says she serves dozens of high-profile clients and if you want to meet them you just have to know where to go.

“A lot of places around the hill are very popular,” she said.

One place in particular is Johnny's Half Shell on North Capitol.

“I think it's just proximity to the capitol building…everyone wants to be seen around here,” said local man, Vinay Raman.

Raman works in the area and frequents the seafood restaurant. He says that on any given day, you could be rubbing elbows with some top-notch men and women.

“I always feel like there is someone within the next few tables who's someone you should probably know,” Raman said.

From the FBI to the CIA, from lawmakers and lobbyists, Nightengale says Washington elite also spend plenty of time at Bistro Du Coin near Dupont Circle.

“Actually I'm not too surprised. It's a great place to be and probably a great place to be seen so I can see that there would like people like that coming here,” said Kelly Worle, who lives just blocks away.

Nightingale says top level Washingtonians like the ones you see on ABC’s “Scandal,” love to mix and mingle.

“So, if a single person if looking to meet some individuals who are quite powerful, let’s say policy makers and lobbyists, a lot of them come over here,”{ }Nightingale said.

The popular Burboun Steak House at the Four Seasons in Georgetown is also another VIP hot-spot. But, if going out isn’t your thing,{ }Nightingale suggests getting active—join groups of people with similar interests.

“The running club, the bicycle club, it gets you out there, gets you active. And I think you’ll have a higher potential to meet people that might be on this type,”{ }Nightingale said.{ }