How many cars have crashed into this strip mall?

A car crashes into a Landover strip mall. (Photo: Horace Holmes)

A strip mall in Landover is apparently a major target for errant drivers.

Today, a car crashed into a business at a strip mall in the 7400 block of Annapolis Road in Landover.

Businesses in the area said it’s the fourth time this year that a car has crashed into a business in the mall. At least a dozen cars have crashed into the mall in the last four years, business owners say.

The driver says she was pulling into the parking space and the next thing she knew she and her husband and their car were inside the business.

She doesn't know what went wrong.

Corey Livingston was on a ladder doing renovation work on the otherwise vacant store.

“The guy was coming straight through the window,” Livingston says. “I couldn't get down in time enough before the car actually hit the ladder and me.”

He wasn't seriously hurt and neither was the driver.

Just a couple months ago, Augusta Achebe was in her grocery store when a car came plowing through it. They just recently finished repairs and reopened after installing concrete posts on the curb in front of the store.

Why is it happening here? No one seems to have a good answer.

“It's not like there's a liquor store or anything,” says store owner Randy Shaban. “I don't know what it could be.”