Honoring the fallen

Southern Connector Boulevard is currently a one-mile stretch between two main roads in Calvert County. Doug Smith wants that to change by naming the newly built road after Lt. Brendan Looney, a Navy Seal from the area who was killed in combat last September.

Smith didn’t know Looney personally. But he said he wanted to do something positive after reading about his death.

“He gave his life for our country. It's the least we can do as a county to give back,” Smith said. “Freedom isn't free."

Smith says he doesn't want just any road named after Looney. He chose Southern Connector Boulevard because it runs next to two schools and he says that will add special meaning.

Looney’s sisters say they’re touched by the gesture of a complete stranger who wants to honor their brother in such a special way.

They hope it will inspire students to learn more about their brother and the sacrifices he made for the country.