Homeless man killed in D.C., sister speaks out

(WJLA) - Thirty-three-year-old Rashard Raigns played defensive end for Colgate University, and studied in China for a short time – he even spoke fluent Mandarin.

According to others, he got scholarships to other colleges like Harvard and Yale, and is described as a well-rounded and loving person.

On Tuesday night, surveillance video captured the three men who robbed him on Fenwick Street in Northeast before they shot him. Raigns fell to the ground on a sidewalk in the industrial area, where his body went undiscovered for hours.

The men who robbed and killed Raigns may have thought he was just another homeless person with no family and no story. He was staying at the homeless shelter on New York Avenue – and reportedly had only been there for a couple of days.

Raigns’ sister explained that he had a home at his mother’s place in Silver Spring, but the family didn’t go into great detail other than his life taking a turn after they said he received his master’s degree in Language Arts.

His sister said he always helped the homeless and believes that this is what drew him to the shelter. But Raigns ended up crossing paths with a trio of seemingly young men – perhaps even teenagers – who did him harm and left him dying on that sidewalk.

They did not escape the cameras, and a family now prays they don’t escape justice.

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