Homeland Security sets safety guidelines for entertainment venues

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reminding citizens to notify authorities if they see something suspicious at a movie theater or entertainment venue. The department has also set guidelines for security – but officials won't release details.

The Wall Street Journal reports that among the security recommendations are that theater operators make sure “security and front of house personnel have been trained for first aid.” The Wall Street Journal reviewed the guidelines.

A Homeland Security spokesperson says DHS will continue to work closely with state, local and private sector partners “to ensure that all necessary security precautions are being taken."

Friday's shooting in Aurora, Colo. left 12 people dead and 58 wounded. Authorities detained 24-year-old James Holmes and accused him of going on the shooting rampage.

At local movie theaters, police presence has increased and some are checking bags at the door. For safety, movie theater giant AMC is banning patrons from wearing costumes.

Some feel the stepped up security is unnecessary.

“I don't think they should. It's a free country,” says Chris Beauchemin of Ashburn. “That's a little bit ridiculous.”