HomeGoods groping: Woman grabbed by man while shopping

A police sketch of the man police believe has attacked women 24 times since November.

Fairfax County Police investigators are confident the Springfield groper has struck again, making this the 24th incident since November.

This time, the assault was significantly different and could help police track down the man who has been targeting women.

On Thursday at around 3 p.m., a 31-year old woman was shopping at the HomeGoods Store at the Kingstowne Center, police said.

A man followed her and grabbed her inside the store, they add.

"By the time she turned around...he was gone," said Lucy Caldwell, spokesperson for the Fairfax County Police.

Caldwell said because of information only known to detectives and victims, they feel confident this is the same suspect.

"Because there were more people there...hopefully some good will come from that," Caldwell said.

The store has cameras inside, but Caldwell wouldn't say what if anything they captured anything.

"I'm thankful they have cameras in stores so I'm really looking towards to them catching this groper," said Sophia Edwards, who was at the store Thursday night with her 12-year old daughter.

"When it hits closer to home than it's more scary," said Susan Dilley, another shopper at the store. "I know there's no reason to be nervous because he was just here but it still makes you nervous."

Dilley is surprised other victims haven't be able to take him down, but understands the situation victims have to face.

"You probably don't realize when it's happening, what is happening," Dilley said.

Police said the suspect was described as Hispanic, around 30 years of age. He worked a black jacket, light-colored pants and black hat, which is consistent to past sightings.