Hollin Hall Pastry Shop raises money for wounded police officer

Every little bit helps when someone is in need.

"How much did you donate?," asked Emily Baker, a barista at Hollin Hall Pastry Shop.

And those small donations can add up. At Hollin Hall Pastry Shop, they know the power of charity first hand.

General Manager Tammy Swann said, "That storm in July shut us down for two weeks, and we were in very dire straits...we asked for donations, and they kicked in.

Swann says her customer are generous, and now she's asking for their help again.

When Alexandria police officer Perter Laboy was shot during a traffic stop, Swann and her team sprung into action, asking for small donations for Laboy's family.

"We didn't know him, no," Swann said.

But customers gave generously anyway.

Swann said, "And a $25 check makes $501.

That $500 will go to those who need it most.

"I'm excited though. I'm glad to be a part of this," Baker said.

Mark Bergin with the Alexandria Police Department added, "This extra money right now is so important and is such a benefit."

Swann beamed, "It just makes you feel so good that you did something nice for somebody."

For updates on Officer Laboy's progress, click here.