Hit-and-run at 14th and Webster NW kills man

Police are investigating a suspected hit-and-run involving a pedestrian at 14th and Webster streets NW. Family members tell ABC7's John Gonzalez the victim has died.

Jacob Romero was in his corner apartment when he witnessed the melee. “I looked out the window and noticed they were fighting, three of them were hitting another on the ground,” Romero said in Spanish through a translator.

He says he called police and ran down the stairs, but it was too late too intervene. Sources say the man who was being beaten by three others managed to run out on to the street. But someone involved in the fight jumped the curb and ran him over.

"I heard the loud noise of the cars brakes, by the time I looked out the window, the car was driving away,” said Franklin Benitez.

A minivan driving through was also struck. Car parts, a cell phone and a baseball bat were strewn across the street Thursday night, marked as evidence. The men involved fled the scene, some ran towards this playground filled with children at the time, according to sources.

“Everybody scattered,” said resident Carl Dawkins.

Residents recall hearing the screeching of tires and then the impact. Carl Hawkins's roommate rushed to help trying to revive the injured man.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital, where police say he is in grave condition.

Drivers and pedestrians in the area were forced to wait for hours while police collected evidence, interviewed witnesses and the driver of the van who was not injured.

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