Historic Dupont mansion converts to 92 luxury dorm-style apartments

Historic Dupont mansion converts to 92 luxury dorm-style apartments. (ABC7)

A 36,000 square foot mansion has towered over Dupont Circle for more than a century.

The lavish home was built in 1903 for the president of the Chicago Tribune Company.

But its historic rooms were just converted into luxury apartments-- with a twist.

The Ampeer building has 92 dorm-style apartments, which range from 350 square feet to 600 square feet.

It also has opulent common rooms. A kitchen with free breakfast. A library with computers and an English fireplace. And a ballroom where Chicago Tribune heiress Cissy Patterson used to throw elaborate parties for Washington elites.

The house is full of history. It temporarily housed President Calvin Coolidge in the summer of 1927. It also hosted Charles Lindbergh, who addressed crowds from the exterior balcony after his transatlantic flight.

The rent for rooms in the historic mansion, and its modern addition, starts at $2,800 a month. Some people are not willing to pay that amount despite the decadent décor.

The total cost of the dorm style project was roughly $40-million, a price tag the elegant, former owners likely would have approved of.

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