Highway baby delivery assisted by Howard County dispatcher

ELKRIDGE, Md. (WJLA) -- In her four years as a Howard County 911 dispatcher, Meghan Blizard had never been called upon to help a couple deliver a baby on the side of a highway. Until Tuesday.

Blizard was working at the dispatch center in Ellicott City around 9:00 a.m. when she received a call from a man who was driving east on Route 100 in the Elkridge area. He said a woman riding with him was in labor.

Police say the couple was trying to make it to Anne Arundel Medical Center, which was 25 miles away. But it quickly became evident the baby wasn't going to wait that long, so the man called 911 and pulled over.

"He could see most of the head, and that's when I knew that the baby was probably going to be born before the paramedics even got there," Blizard said.

On a recording of the 911 call released by Howard County, Blizard can be heard calmly telling the man how to deliver the baby.

"His head is out!" the man is heard saying.

Blizard responds by telling the man how to make sure the head doesn't come out too fast. After only a couple of minutes, the baby boy is born and his cries can be heard on the recording.

Blizard says she was excited on the inside, but her training helped her sound calm on the outside.

"Your brain just kind of does like a switch," she said. "You know that you need to {have a} professional manner, and that no matter what happens, you need to be calm for that person."

As of Tuesday night, the names of the man and woman have not been made public. According to what they say on the recording, the child is the woman’s third and she plans to name him Eaman.