High school brawl caught on tape in Gaithersburg

High school brawl caught on tape in Gaithersburg (Image captured by Giancarlo Terrones)

Several Montgomery High School students are being punished for a fight that ended with a school resource officer tumbling to the ground.

Giancarlo Terrones, 18, said he shot cell phone video of the brawl inside Gaithersburg High School on Monday around noon.

“I start hearing yelling—screaming, and all of a sudden I hear a loud noise,” said Terrones. “I have never seen this before.”

School officials said the fight started between several other students. When the school resource officer tried to break up the fight, everyone fell to the ground. District officials told ABC7 the officer was not hit or hurt.

The students are being punished, but school officials would not say what the punishment is.

Terrones had no idea who the students were or why they got out of control.

“Never would think someone would do that. No sane person would do that,” said Terrones.

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