High number of cancer cases in D.C neighborhood has many concerned

Location of a cluster of pancretic cancer cases in DC

(WJLA) - A seemingly{ } high number of pancreatic cancer instances in one neighborhood in the District has many wondering if a common environmental factor has anything to do with the sicknesses.

Neighbors said in the past year and six months,{ } there have been six cases of pancreatic cancer-all within a few blocks of each other.

Four people have died, one is in hospice care and the sixth is recovering from treatment, neighbors told WJLA.

"Everyone is just so afraid and so fearful," Laura Jackson said. "Something is wrong; something definitely is wrong."

A flyer with an "X" for each cancer case is now circulating the neighborhood.{ } Neighbors said even the slightest stomachache has people wondering if they have cancer.

The residents contacted metropolitan staff, asking them to conduct tests to determine if there is an environmental factor contributing to the concentration of cancer cases.

"That is obviously an issue, a concern to us as well and possibly a public health issue, John Lisle, spokesman for the District's water and sewer authority.

Some in the neighborhood have complained about murky water, but city employees say that's because those homes are located on dead-end streets and therefore, the pipes need occasional flushing.

"The city generally is getting all of the water in the same place; it's odd that so many people in the same neighborhood would get it (cancer)," District resident Allison Lakomski said..

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