Heroes from Navy Yard shooting honored

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - At the D.C. Police Department's annual awards ceremony Thursday night, we got our first look at some of the heroes of the deadly Navy Yard shooting last September.

D.C. Police Officer Scott Williams was leading one of the initial active shooter teams as they searched the third floor area. The gunman opened fire on Williams, shooting him multiple times in both legs. He received one of the highest awards

Navy special agents Brian Kelley and Ed Martin pulled a wounded officer Williams to safety and carried him down three flights of stairs.

Then D.C. Officer Dorian Desantis headed into harm's way. The gunman opened fire, striking Desantis in the chest. His body armor stopped the round and Desantis fired back - taking out the gunman and bringing an end to the tragedy. He received the other highest award.

U.S. Park Police officers Andrew Wong and Carl Hiott were also honored.
They provided cover and engaged the shooter in the final gun battle.

And for their heroic helicopter rescue of the injured from the roof of that building, the U.S. Park Police helicopter team was also honored: the pilot, Sgt. Kenneth Burchell and Crew Sgt. David Tolson and Officer Michael Abate.