Herndon Wawa proposal meets opposition

Wawa wants to build a store in Herndon, but town officials are fighting back.

The high-end convenience store - with a cult-like following - is known for more than its gas.

"Oh, they've got a good deli. I like the food there," said one Wawa customer.

Another added, "The quesadillas, they are really good, and I get the hot dogs."

But an application to bring the gas station to Herndon is catching some heat.

While city officials say they too love Wawa, they don't love the proposed location at the intersection of Route 606 and Oak Grove Road. They also don't like the idea of a stand-alone building.

In a letter to Loudoun County officials, Herndon community developers write:

"...the proposed Wawa would be better incorporated into a larger planned development that channels vehicular access to and from Route 606."

Officials with Wawa would like two different entrances to the gas station; one along Oak Grove Road, as well as an entrance directly from Route 606. In fact, they've even offered to put a red light at the busy intersection, but city officials say they are worried about what that would mean for future congestion.

Dean Alvarez, an admitted Wawa worshiper, says he agrees that the added traffic would make the already congested corridor a nightmare.

"It's getting worse, so, 28 is pretty bad, and 606 is horrible," he added.

The proposal is still very much in its early phase. The Wawa application is set to be reviewed by the Loudoun County Planning Commission on June 18 and then the Board of Supervisors on Sept. 11.

For now, those needing a Wawa fix have to keep going to Gainesville.