Babysitter, Heriberto Urratia, arrested for, allegedly raping young Fairfax County girl over extended period of time

(WJLA) - Fairfax County Police say that earlier this month, they arrested 25-year-old Heriberto Urratia on the allegation he raped a girl less than 10 years of age over an extended period of time.

According to police, the suspect was the girl’s babysitter.

Due to the sensitive nature of this case, we are keeping specifics to a minimum – like the age of the victim and where exactly the alleged sexual assaults took place – although the general area is the Mt. Vernon section of the county.

Now, residents who live in the area are struggling to understand how this could have happened.

"You can't trust anybody -- that's how I see it," says Marisa Lee.

"If you back up and trace his history, there's going to be signs," adds Frederick Groudas. For him, a case like this reminds him of the anxiety he has had over the years as a father:

"I've got three daughters and nothing's happened, but I live with worry."