Her Corner brings women business owners together

Frederique Irwin. (Photo: WJLA)

Frederique Irwin is the founder of "Her Corner,” bringing female business owners together in an intimate setting without sharp elbows. Irwin says the motto is "you don't have to build your business alone!" She started it out of a personal need.

“I was starting my own business and wanted something like Her Corner for myself,” she says.

Her corner is Irwin's fourth business. Until now, she been in management consulting. But her corner is now up to 75 members and expected to reach more than 250 in D.C. by the end of the year.

These neighborhood based groups each have about 15 members from all business backgrounds. The facilitated meetings have very specific agendas and speakers.

Irwin has two children and shares her stories with the other working moms in the groups. She sees first-hand how hard female business owners work for their success.

“There is a statistic that really keeps me up at night that really frankly ticks me off, it is that of all the businesses out there owned by women 88 percent of them don't make $100,000,” she says.

And Irwin is doing all she can to change those numbers.

“I keep joking it's going to be like weight watchers for business,” she says. “If you want to grow your business there's ‘Her Corner’ running somewhere wherever you live to help you get there.”

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