Henry Sanders sentenced to 60 years in carjackings

Sanders was facing as many as 85 years in prison. Photo: Montgomery County Police

A Landover man who was convicted in 2011 of carjacking and robbing three elderly men was sentenced to 60 years in prison Friday.

Henry Sanders, who carjacked three people near the Westfield Wheaton Mall and forced them to withdraw money from ATMs, was originally facing as many as 85 years behind bars. He was convicted in connection with all three crimes on March 21.

Sanders' string of carjackings and robberies began on Nov. 23, 2011, when, while armed with a box cutter, he abducted a 75-year-old man outside the Wheaton mall. He then drove that victim around and forced him to withdraw money from an ATM.

Three days later, Sanders struck again. On Nov. 26, he carjacked a man outside the Giant supermarket in the 2700 block of University Boulevard. His final carjacking happened two days later in the same location, when Sanders attacked a 77-year-old man in the parking lot of the Wheaton mall.

One of those victims, Gus Goldberger, was stalked to his car by Sanders on the night he became a victim.

"Next thing I know I'm pushed in," Goldberger said in March after Sanders' conviction. "He also hit me in the face, and the nose is never going to be the same."

Prosecutors said at the time of his conviction that Sanders was cowardly for going after people of a certain age.

"He was really an ultimate predator, preying on someone who wasn't going to be able to fight back," Marybeth Ayers, Montgomery County's Assistant State's Attorney, said.