Henry Sanders faces 85 years for three brutal carjackings in Wheaton

Henry Sanders was convicted on multiple charges of kidnapping and robbery. (Photo: Montgomery County Police)

A never before seen video is putting new perspective on the heinous crime that has a Landover man facing 85 years in prison.

Henry Sanders was convicted of carjacking three elderly men in 2011. Now one of the victims is speaking out.

In the video, Gus Goldberger, 77, is carrying a shopping bag to his car. What he doesn't know is that he's being stalked by a predator named who can be seen wearing a hat and trailing his prey.

Goldberger's life is about to change forever.

When Goldberger reaches his car, Sanders pounces.

“Basically I see a knife,” Goldberger says. “Next thing I know I’m pushed in. He also hits me in the face and the nose is never gonna be the same.”

While passersby keep on walking and another car waits for the parking spot, Sanders shoves the badly injured Goldberger into the passenger seat and takes off.

“He was going so fast and I was hoping that he would crash and that would be so much better than what I’m in for,” Goldberger says

The video shows what happens next. Sanders drove his victim from ATM to ATM, making withdrawals before parking the car and running away.

That was in November 2011. It was one of three identical attacks on elderly men, abducted from the parking lot of the Wheaton Westfield Plaza over a matter of days.

Sanders was found guilty for all three carjackings Wednesday. Prosecutors say he faces 85 years in prison.

“He was really an ultimate predator, preying on someone who wasn't going to be able to fight back,” says Marybeth Ayers , Montgomery County Assistant State's Attorney.

Now nearly 79, Goldberger says he's relieved justice is done.

“I truly felt there is no way I'm going to live through it,” Goldberger says. “I thought this is the end of me. It’s just a matter of time.”