Heavy snowfall brings D.C. to a standstill

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It was difficult to see more than a block or two away as the snow fell in D.C. Monday, though some people said they had to walk around and experience the event.

“The one thing I like about D.C. is since they don’t know how to plow, days like this, us pedestrians own the town,” said Shawn Choi.

The D.C. Department of Public Works said it had nearly 300 trucks out on the roads, even if initial road conditions made some wonder.

By noon, Pepco said only six residents were without power.

“The level of maintenance we’ve done to the system, the level of maintenance and vegetation management, which is code for tree trimming, is paying off,” said CEO Joe Rigby.

While streets downtown were still covered with snow and ice, pavement and plenty of busy trucks were seen on Minnesota Avenue NE. And because Metrobus was not in service, many people were forced to walk.

"I had to walk to the store," said Rosie Procotor.

Metrobus will run on a severe snow service plan Tuesday with limited service. MetroAccess will resume service at noon, and Metrorail will operate on a normal weekday schedule.