Heavy rain floods streets, homes in D.C.

Several inches of rain flooded hallways and basements. (Photo: WJLA)

Heavy storms hit parts of the D.C. region, flooding several homes and roadways.

In Northwest, thousands of gallons of water, and in some cases raw sewage, stood several inches deep covering everything and flooding basements throughout the city. Within minutes, water covered Rhode Island Avenue.

Stunned by what she saw outside her front window, Shirley Brown grabbed her camera.

“The water started rising and it just continued to rise,” she says. “The water was not draining down and it just looked like a lake.”

Rain water filled cars, overwhelmed sewers turned basements into cess pools. Some toilettes spewed water. Clean-up commenced Wednesday.

In some of the worst hit homes, waterlogged floors have to go - even wood floors. Despite the best efforts, a sour mildew smell filled a lot of homes.

“We're on hour nine of cleaning up and we are literally swimming in sewage for that time,” says homeowner Ryan Eads.

Cars are airing out and lots of rugs and possessions were seen hanging out to dry. Old timers say the neighborhood is prone to flooding. They blame the geography, namely an old creek ran through the neighborhood.

Some expect another flood here eventually. They just hope it doesn't come too soon.