D.C. area under Code Orange as power outages add to heat wave

There are new problems in the District as the heat wave and power outages have left thousands trying to stay cool.

The heat wave has prompted a Code Orange air quality warning for the D.C. Area. That means it's unhealthy for small children, the elderly and people with asthma. But that's not stopping people from going outside.

As ABC7 News at 11 first reported last night, most of the power problems have been near Logan Circle and the U Street corridor.

Celebrating an early taste of summer, four-year-old Daniel Singerman didn't mind that his preschool at Garrison Elementary shut down due to a power outage. His dad wasn't half as pleased.

"Pepco called and I thought, great, but it was about the rate increase," Richard Singerman says. "More power, less promotion."

It was an uncomfortable night without air conditioning. A few people slept at the Kennedy Rec Center on 7th Street, and continued to use the cooling center all day.

"I tell people to carry ice and a washcloth. I know, I'm from the country," Martha Pounds says.

Not knowing when to expect electricity back was Robert Miranda's frustration overnight.

"I tried to get a window on when the power would come back on, but they wouldn't say," Miranda says.

And Miranda has more to consider than his own comfort. He has a dog and he was thrilled when power returned to his recording session Friday morning.

But early in the afternoon the whole neighborhood at 13th and S lost lights again.