Heat and humidity smother D.C. area residents

(WJLA) - The uncomfortable combination of heat and humidity smothered the D.C. region Wednesday, making life outside absolutely oppressive.

"I relocated to here from South Florida in October and it feels like I'm still in Florida. The humidity, it feels like it's hard to breathe," said Althea Hibbert, a P.G. County resident.

The temperature gauge may have read the lower 90’s, but it felt in most of the region like it was 10 to 15 degrees hotter.

Daphne Ingram beats the heat with hydration:

"I froze this last night with ice, and I have it everywhere I'm going."

Patrick Sternal of Hyattsville felt he had to make some progress on his plot at the Hyatt Park Community Garden before storms rolled through.

"It's pretty beastly out...But I wanted to come over here and do a little work before the storm heads in."

And while he wants to be out here working, Sternal knows he needs to limit his time in this oven-like environment.