Heart attack survivor returns to VA to thank those who saved his life

This firehouse feast is served with a hearty helping of gratitude, as it was only eight months ago that David Klepper could hardly breathe. 70 pounds heavier, the 46-year-old Pennsylvania resident was in Springfield on business when his heart stopped.

"It's always emotional when I try and recall what happened, it always gets to me," he said.

Only minutes after Klepper was loaded into the back of a Fairfax County Rescue unit, he was wide awake and asking what happened.

Now, he is asking what would have happened without his “heart heroes.”

Making the trip from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Klepper’s entire family -- including his wife and three young children -- wanted to meet the men and women who gave their father a second chance:

"We really wanted to be able, the entire family, to thank them in person and let them know just how special we think their service is and their talents.

Captain Todd Barb performed CPR on Klepper that November night, and says their gratitude is a gift to him. According to Barb, a family with a future is living proof of a job well done.