He was polite, honest, considerate: Zimmerman's former neighbors react to verdict

Crowds in DC and throughout the country have taken to the streets protesting against a Florida jury's decision finding George Zimmerman not guilty of murder.

But those who watched Zimmerman grow up in Manassas says the man critics are portraying him to be is not the person they knew.

Neighbors living near the house Zimmerman grew up in on Sweetbriar Street have nothing but good to say about what he was like: honest, polite, and very considerate of other people.

Former neighbor George Hall once wrote a letter of recommendation for Zimmerman when he applied for the police academy.

He and wife Kay say Zimmerman, his brother, and the rest of his family were perfect neighbors, and also say George would have never hurt anyone except in self-defense.

"He's not that kind of person," said George. "He would do anything for you, not against you. So he had to have been provoked."

"If somebody was banging my head against the curb, I would have become frightened too," added Kay.

Glen Hill is another former neighbor. He says it's hard to believe that Zimmerman would ever wound up being accused of murder.

He says although we may never know what happened that night in Sanford, the George Zimmerman he knew growing up was not the type to hurt anyone unnecessarily.

"If he felt like he was threatened, the situation would probably dictate to me, for the George I knew, whether he would have done it," Hill said.

Zimmerman grew up in Manassas from the time he was very young and graduated from Osbourn High School in 2001. Neighbors say he moved to Florida sometime after that.