Haynesworth road-rage trial: Case settled

After the parties came to an out-of-court settlement, the road-rage assault charge against Redskins' defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth was dismissed in Fairfax County Court, ABC7's Greta Kreuz reports.

Smiling broadly and sporting big diamond-stud earrings, Haynesworth left the Fairfax County Court with his attorney. Neither side would comment on settlement terms, or what if any payment Haynesworth gave to the driver he allegedly punched, Arthur Velasquez, on Feb. 2, on New Dominion Parkway near Reston Town Center.

Both sides said they were satisfied. Haynesworth paid{ } $72 in court costs. He still faces sex assault charges in a D.C. court.

“There's blame to both of them,” said Steve Merril, Haynesworth’s attorney. “This was a good way to resolve the case. It resolves the criminal case, it resolves any possible civil case, hopefully it resolves any ramifications with anything else.”

On the Old Dominion Parkway in Restobn, Haynesworth allegedly got out of his pick-up truck and punched Velasquez in the face after Velasquez reportedly made an obscene gesture at Haynesworth for tailgating him.

Haynesworth is still facing a sexual abuse charge in Washington.

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