Hawk 'n' Dove sold, will become a bistro

(Photo by Meeshypants via Flickr).

An era is ending at a popular watering hole in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. After more than four decades, the Hawk 'n Dove has lost its lease and will be shutting down in October.

For 44 years it's been Capitol Hill's watering hole and eatery, everybody from members of Congress to Russian spies came here. They've taped episodes of the television series The West Wing here.

Owner Stuart Long says he opened the bar right after he finished Georgetown law. Now Long has lost his lease. "It's a very sad day. It's been my whole life," he said.

He said he remembers when Democrats and Republicans used to drink together, when John McCormack was speaker of the house.

"Speaker McCormack’s nephew got beat up one time coming out of here and I had every Capitol Hill cop on duty here the next morning," he recalls.

Bartender James Williams, now 57, came when he was 22."I grew up here,” he said. “I’m gonna really miss it, it will never be the same."

"I been here 34 years … about two-thirds of my life,” said waitress Denise Morose. “I'm in shock, just kind of in shock."

"I tried to make 50 years,” Long said. “I got close."