Harry Thomas at work on Tuesday

D.C. Council member Harry Thomas came to work with his colleagues Tuesday, four days after federal agents raided his house in a corruption probe.

Thomas on Monday was seen in the building but avoided the spotlight. When Thomas left the 5th floor elevators around 11 a.m. Tuesday, a group of reporters and cameras were awaiting him.

He walked directly to the middle of the group, paused and said "Y'all know can't say anything.” He then walked into the council chamber.

Thomas is under investigation for allegedly spending $300,000 in city funds intended for youth charity on himself. On Friday, the IRS confiscated his SUV and motorcycle.

On Monday, a D.C. Council committee voted 3-1 to approve and ethics bill, which would create a board with the power to punish councilmembers for violations.

Even before the raid, three members, Mary Cheh, David Catania and Tommy Wells, had called for Thomas to resign.

Council member Marion Barry, who's been faced with public scandal himself, says he has empathy for Thomas, then turned on the three.

“I don’t want to make this racial, but these three white members keep attacking this black council member which makes it difficult not to raise this question,” Barry says.