Harry Easter convicted of vehicular manslaughter in triple fatal

Gwendolyn Demby (right) was also killed in the crash. (Family photo)

It happened in the blink of an eye.

A drunk driver killed Tim Demby's wife, his wife's sister and her husband. Demby himself was badly injured. He says nothing has been the same since that night on Indian Head Highway June 2011.

On Wednesday, everything changed for that drunk driver. A jury found 36-year-old Harry Easter guilty of 14 charges including three vehicular manslaughter counts for killing Gwendolyn Demby, Cordelia Roberts and Eugene Johnson.

For their survivors, the verdict provides a rare moment of joy.

“I'm relieved to know I’m not gonna see him on the streets anymore,” says Nakita Johnson-Reed. “He doesn't have the opportunity to hurt anyone else’s family he way he hurt ours.”

Prosecutors convinced the jury that Easter had a blood alcohol content of .24, three times the legal drunk driving standard. He was going 89 mph and may have passed out before his SUV slammed into the rear of the small Mazda the two couples from northern Virginia were riding in.

Easter's lawyer claimed in closing arguments that Easter's passenger, who actually owned the truck, was driving. Jurors didn't believe it.

Easter, who'd been free, was put in handcuffs he faces 33 years in prison.

“I just saw a man that was trying to find a way to get out of it like a fly stuck between a screen and a window,” says Tim Demby. “But justice was served today so he has a lot of time to think about it.”