Harris Teeter remains boarded up, barren inside

(Photo: Charleston's TheDigitel via Creative Commons)

Residents in the area{ } just launched a campaign to bring back their supermarket. There's very little within walking distance of some apartments so when they lost Harris Teeter it was a major blow.

For six months now the Harris Teeter in Crystal City has been boarded up, bolted by locks and barren inside. The signs claim it’s closed temporarily, but it’s felt more like a permanent situation for residents.

“I’ve been surprised it’s taken this long to open back up and there doesn’t appear to be any progress. Especially with the number of people that live in this area you think it would be important for them to have it back open,” says Kevin Jones.

The store was shut down in May after raw sewage was accidentally pumped into its aisles. A suction line at a nearby facility became clogged with rags and debris, flooding the store.

“I definitely miss it,” says Sherryl Kohr, who shopped at the store for years. “I think with all the people involved from with the government and the rules and regulations and from what I understand it’s been very filthy.”

The store has been thoroughly cleaned four times since then, but there’s still no date for it to reopen. However, there’s more to the hold up.

Harris Teeter officials released the following statement:

“We are actively working with both the county and landlord to discuss solutions to make sure that which happened does not happen again. Once those solutions are implemented we are ready to start work on the interior of the store.”