Harford County tornado damage leaves devasation, injuries

Tornado damage (PHOTO: Brad Bell)

Hundreds of people across Harford County and other parts of Maryland are sifting through the devastation left behind from this past Friday's severe weather, during which the National Weather Service confirms that 11 tornadoes touched down in the Free State and in Virginia.

While trees are down in Damascus, Mount Airy and other areas of the greater D.C. area, a small corner of Harford County took the brunt of the tornado outbreak.

John Dennis, who runs a small car dealership in the area, saw a number of his vehicles wrecked. The trailer that served as his office is now a pile of rubble in two dumpsters. However, he feels lucky because he wasn't in the trailer when the storms hit.

"It just picked the trailer up and it bounced over the car," Dennis said. "I was ten minutes away. I'd have been dead."

A short distance away, county resident John Corun was having dinner in his kitchen when he heard and saw a twister that may have touched down about a quarter-mile west of Route 1.

"I jumped and looked out my window," he said. "We looked out and saw a building in the road."

The building Corun referred to was a car detailing business where two men were injured by block walls that collapsed. One of the men suffered serious injuries but is expected to recover.