Hanover Sheriff David Hines honored at national awards ceremony

Hines was instrumental in the rescue of a mising autistic boy. (Photo: ABC7)

For Hanover County Sheriff Colonel David Hines, Wednesday was another good day on the job.

Wednesday morning, Hines was among the more than a dozen honored during the National Law Enforcement Awards on Capitol Hill, for their work to solve missing child cases.

It was last summer when Colonel Hines led the search efforts near Richmond to find eight year old Robert Wood Jr., an autistic non-speaking boy, who went missing while visiting a battlefield with his family.

After five days, the help of several hundred volunteers, and hundreds of first responders, Hines was able to make the announcement many waited to hear: the boy had been found and he was safe.

Hines says it was the great teamwork that should be honored—without which he believes the successful outcome would not have been possible.

“For the region to be awarded ... speaks volumes,” Hines said.

Law enforcement officers from six states and members of the military received awards alongside Hines. While many say they were just doing their job, today many called them angels in uniform.

The timing of the awards coincides with the National Missing Children’s Day, May 25.