Hamburger eating contest at Z Burger crowns Canada as champ

How many could you eat?

More than a dozen people took part in a hamburger-eating contest Friday.

The U.S. team took on the reigning champion, Canada. The excitement was obvious, the burgers ready to go and the eating disgusting.

In 10 minutes, 16 contestants chewed down as many burgers as they could. It seemed the U.S. had the title of burger eating champion for Tenleytown's Z Burger, but in the end Canada made a comeback in a one-minute eat-off.

Dale "mouth of the south" Boone's been a competitive eater for 11 years and hails as the world champion of competitive eating. Boone has been second for three years in a row. He says next year he plans to give America a win.

Peter “Furious Pete” Czerwinski drove all the way to D.C. from Ontario and for the third year proved the trip was worth it. He ate 17 and a half hamburgers, each one three and a half ounces.

Next year Z Burger hopes to expand the contest, making it bigger and better. Furious Pete says he'll see you here.