Halloween turns truly scary for robbery victims

Two armed men, dressed in Halloween costumes, pulled a big scary trick today with no treats.

Police say the suspects robbed customers and employees at a dentist's office on Butternut Street in NE D.C.

The masked robbers armed with a gun and a knife entered the dentist’s office this morning - one wore a Dr. Frankenstein mask - and ordered everyone to lay on the floor. One of the victims was then ordered to collect all of the pocketbooks and valuables and put them in a pile on the floor.

The robbers took the loot and fled.

"I can't say that I'm shocked at that because my doors have been kicked in,” said Preston Lee, a NE resident. “There’s been robberies in this neighborhood."

Police dusted for prints and searched trashcans in nearby alleys looking for evidence in this case. It seems there may have been half a dozen people in the dentist’s office during the frightening experience.