Haitian Children's Choir stops by D.C. as part of U.S. tour

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – This is the sound of Haiti’s future: 30 boys from the Haitian Children’s Choir and an eight-piece string ensemble performing at the Smithsonian today as part of a 25-city, 40-performance U.S. tour.

The children attend the Holy Trinity Music School in Port-au-Prince, which was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Now, they are trying to raise money to help rebuild the school.

Singing native Haitian folk and spiritual songs, the group is hoping to show the audience that there is more to Haiti than just those images of destruction and loss shared so often after the quake.

"Life is still difficult in Haiti, but with the hope that you can feel from each Haitian -- there's a big hope -- we are still struggling for life but hoping things will get better and better," says David Cesar, Director of the Holy Trinity Music School.

For the rest of September, the group is in the States and will stay with American families for the duration of their visit.

"With the tours, the idea is to show a positive image of Haiti, to let the Haitian people see our culture and the many cultures in our country, and by staying in homes that other people get a sense of the Haitian culture," says tour organizer Reverend Stephen Davenport.